RRF Bag Lift pump filter insulation and protection bag for Fass pumps

Race Ready Fabrication


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This is a new exclusive product designed and built here at Race Ready Fab for your FASS fuel system. We have not seen anything else on the market like this and very excited to offer this to the public now that we have been testing on several trucks. What we did was come up with a product that would easily install in 30 seconds to protect your $600+ lift pump investment from wind chill, road salt/sand, rocks from puncturing filters and ultimately keep your vehicle up and running.

This has been something we have dealt with in New England when single digit and negative temperatures come through causing the wind chill on the filters to gel the fuel and starve your truck for fuel, causing fuses to blow from the pump working too hard when fuel is not treated properly or just not enough at negative wind chills. Not only does this lift pump bag help prevent fuel gelling it also acts as a barrier to salt, sand, road debris, rocks and whatever else may kick up off the ground to damage your filters and leave you stranded, weather it be the road or the trail this bag has you covered!

Be sure to order the correct size bag depending on the filters you are running, the original early style this bag was designed for filters are about 7" tall, and now with their latest release of the signature series pump filters they are about 5" tall. 

When you purchase Tag us with #RRFBAG with a picture of your install we would love to see it on your ride! And be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for this product release and more pictures! 



If out of stock expect a 2-3 week lead time.