PPEI Cummins 10-16 Custom CSP5/CSP4 Flash tuning In house service

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 PPEI CSP5/CSP4 Tuning flashed to your 10-16 Cummins with switch installation saving you hundreds vs buying preloaded autocal. This service requires customer to bring vehicle to our location and within one hour you will be on your way with tons more power and efficiency. To schedule an appointment you must email or call us, please note tuning may take 2-3 business days to arrive so an appointment will have to be scheduled normally 1 week from the time order is placed. If you need something sooner its best to call after your order has been placed. Note additional charges for aftermarket turbos, injectors, injection pump are $50 each, please correctly select your option so you are charged accordingly.

******2013-2016 trucks will need to purchase the Bully Dog GT tuner listed on our website to due to firewalls in the factory ECM, it is REQUIRED to first unlock the ECM with the Bully dog GT.******

 Power Levels

  • Stock (Only for 10-12 CSP5)
  • Economy: 30 Horsepower
  • Eco/Tow: 65 Horsepower
  • Street: 100 Horsepower
  • Maxx: 130+ Horsepower

 Further, for owners of 68RFE automatic transmission equipped trucks, you have the option to add transmission tuning.  One of the major benefits of having such an electronically controlled transmission are that so many factors, such as converter lock up, line pressure, and shift patterns can be controlled electronically. 

Transmission Tuning Details:

  • Earlier Converter Lockup
  • Increased Line Pressure to 170psi (Built Pump Can Go Higher)
  • New Shift Strategy to Keep From Lugging
  • Easier Downshift with Less Throttle Input
  • Torque Management Tailored