DDP 64 LB7 Turbo Stage 1 (NO CORE needed!)

Race Ready Fabrication


DDP 64 LB7 Turbo Stage 1

The LB7 64mm Stage 1 is built from a brand new turbo.  It's rated for 625hp and is a great turbo for towing.  You will enjoy it's fast spool up and improved torque at low rpm while gaining horsepower throughout the entire rpm range.  This turbo also has a nice whistle to it as well when combined with a metal intake.  100% drop in with no modifications needed to install.  Benefits of this turbo include


  • Brand New Turbo.  No core charge.
  • 100% Drop In
  • Liquid cooled center section
  • Heavy Duty shaft bearings
  • 360* Thrust bearings
  • New factory turbine
  • 63.5mm Billet Compressor Wheel
  • 2.5" Stock Appearing legal
  • Balanced to ISO specification with balance report included.
  • Gasket and seal kit included for install
  • Lifetime Warranty