11-16 Duramax Cat or Donaldson single filter conversion/relocation

Race Ready Fabrication

Available for pre-order

Sick of expensive stock OEM filters with less than ideal filtration? Or how about pulling a fender liner or slicing up a access door in your new truck for easier access to the stock filter location? Well we have come up with a solution for both of those issues, a filter relocation kit allowing you to run a frame mounted filter for easy access and opens up many filter options with the industry standard 1-14 thread!

We are going to offer this kit standard with a Cat 2 micron fuel filter compared to the stock 6 micron and also a option for a Donaldson Fuel/water separator w/clear sight bowl and drain which filters down to 3 microns, both a huge improvement over stock!

We suggest combing this kit with a in tank lift pump part # FPE-34563 (short bed) or # FPE-34564 (long bed) as any 11-16 LML suffers from not having a low side pump feeding the problematic CP4 injection pump and adding better filtration would actually starve the pump of necessary fuel without one. 

You can pair this with our Fuel Filter head delete tube which can be seen here just select it in the drop down!