01-19 Duramax Cat Oil filter conversion kit


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Want to add better filtration to your Duramax? Look no further our Cat filter conversion kit comes with everything you need to install a 1R-1807 Cat oil filter! This filter has 3x the filtration material compared to stock it's 100% efficient @25 microns and even at 4 microns it is still 20% efficient! This is also a full flow style filter which means it does not have a bypass valve that can cause dirty engine oil to be run through your engine like the factory filter when the filter becomes dirty.

We Include everything you need to install this filter easily when doing your next oil change. You will need to add 1 additional Qt. of oil when using this much larger filter. We also suggest for 01-16 trucks to run a flat bottom lower oil pan as the factory one leaves a decent amount of old oil with the poorly designed pan which we also sell here! 

Check out our YouTube for installation!  


Click Here for the specs right from CAT!